Health and Nutrition Coaching

Your guide to a happier and healthier you


The mind is a powerful tool and the thoughts we think determine much of our daily lives. Attitude, perspective, and gratitude matter. A clear mind makes a world of difference.


Loving your body means respecting your body. Feeding it properly and moving it in ways that promote growth and strength. You live every day in it, treat it well.




Feeding our soul each day brings joy, happiness, and peace to our lives. Listening intuitively to what we need, whether it's quiet time alone or a fun adventure with loved ones, allows us to live our life fully and deeply.

Imagine feeling fulfilled, happy, and vibrant every day.


Excited to wake in the morning and eager to begin the day. Knowing that whatever might come, you will face with strength, confidence and joy.

Feeling at peace with who you are and the world around you. Loving your body and moving with ease. Eating food with pleasure and excitement!

Getting dressed and feeling confident in your clothes. Or even getting undressed and feeling confident in a bikini...  

All of this and more is possible and is quite within your reach. I'm here to guide you there!


You and I most likely have something in common...


We both know the pains of suffering with an unhealthy relationship with food and our body.

Yes, I have seen life through that lens- negativity, fear, self-consciousness, insecurity, loneliness. And what did I do to make myself feel better? EAT ALL THE FOOD. All the brownies, cookies, chocolates, pizza (yeah, every slice), ice cream (yeah, the whole pint).

After eating ALL the things, you know what sets in... guilt, shame, that painful stomach ache, the horrible aftermath that leaves you feeling just as lonely as before. Now you're just lonely, sick, and mad at yourself. So you promise that tomorrow you'll put in extra time at the gym. Or you'll only have juice and water for your next meals. Maybe you try that new diet you just read about in that magazine. ("I can learn to enjoy broth and grapefruit as my only source of food... MMM." Um, no?)  

If only I could see at the time how many YEARS of my life I spent on this cycle, the rollercoaster of emotional eating, binges, diets, cleanses, workout routines. And to now know that it wasn't even about the food. You read that right.

IT. WAS. NOT. ABOUT. THE. FOOD. It wasn't a willpower problem. It wasn't lack of motivation or knowledge.  

No matter how many sweet treats we shove into our mouths, we're still going to crave a better, fuller, happier life. We won't find the kind of happiness we're looking for on our plates!

How had I become so disconnected from myself, from others, from my OWN body? I live in this body every day and yet I didn't understand it, listen to it, or consider what it really needed from me. Why not?

We're curious people by nature and we ask a lot of questions, but have we been asking the right questions? Have we really been that honest with ourselves? I'm here to ask you those tough questions. I'm here to help you find a new perspective and a new outlook on your life, your body, and the food you eat.

I no longer live my life through that painful lens. I feel connected, happy, positive, present, healthy, and alive! SO CAN YOU! I never thought I'd see the day. I eat chocolate, just not the whole box! I'm here because I want to help you live the best version of your life and to know how amazing you can feel in your body! Put yourself first, listen to your gut, get off the rollercoaster and come along with me.  There are some beautiful things to see!